Canopy Replacement Covers

Replacement Canopy Covers to Keep That Frame Working

Replacement canopy tent covers from PTM Tarps help keep your customers' canopies refreshed and ready to handle the weather.

A sturdy canopy frame can be used for so many purposes. Gearheads can build a portable garage or protect a car from the weather. Event organizers can offer spaces for registration, food service or privacy. Business owners can expand their retail space into a parking lot or grassy area.

If the canopy material gets damaged, there's no reason to throw out that frame and buy a whole new set. Those frames are made to last for years, so help owners keep those frames in use with canopy replacement covers.

Different Options

We offer a variety of replacement tarps for canopy frames that enable them to be restored or repurposed:

These replacement canopy covers are made from materials that are built to last, offering excellent protection from the elements.

Our canopy experts at PTM Tarps can help answer your questions about these replacement covers. We've been in business since 1979, helping property owners, event organizers and others find high-quality tarps and canopies for their events. Our excellent customer service will help you give the same type of service to your customers. We also offer canopy fittings and pipes for customers who want to build their own custom structure.