Make the most of your tarps and canopies with accessories from PTM Tarps.

By themselves, our wholesale tarps are fantastic for protecting all kinds of property and possessions, including grounds maintenance equipment and loads in trailers. But our accessories let those canopies and tarps really shine because you can build structures that maximize their effectiveness.

Canopy Pipes and Fittings

Some of our most popular accessories are our canopy pipes and fittings. With this high-quality hardware, you can build a structure suited to your exact specifications. This is especially valuable to people with limited space on their properties or people on budgets who cannot afford full construction projects.

Need a lean-to for stashing a lawnmower or gardening equipment? How about a canopy for a delivery car? Would you like a covered porch for guests or some shade for an outdoor market? Our canopy pipes and fittings make it happen. Made from strong galvanized steel, they are built to handle the elements. In many cases, the eyebolts let you build a structure without the use of any tools.

We also offer foot pads, cement weights and more to help you make that structure extra secure.

Ties, Straps and Clamps

Looking for ways to secure a tarp to a frame? Our ball bungie ties and other straps fit the bill perfectly. With these handy accessories, you'll be able to install a tarp to meet your specific needs.

Our ball bungee ties are made for repeated use. They go on quickly and hold on tight. Our plastic tarp clamps grip a tarp securely to a pipe. And if you know you'll need rope for a proper installation, we have a good supply.

Excellent Customer Service

At PTM Tarps, we've been helping customers like you for more than 40 years to make the most of their tarps and canopies. Contact us today and tell us about the challenges you are facing on your property. We'll help you find the best option and give you plenty of tips and tricks for a successful build.