Super Heavy-Duty Poly Tarps

For the strongest, most durable tarps available, trust super heavy-duty tarps from PTM Tarps.

If you're looking for the toughest tarps available, look no further. These super heavy-duty tarps are built for the hardest jobs and most difficult tasks, including:

Built for Long Life

Our super heavy-duty tarps are made to provide excellent waterproof protection that lasts use after use, season after season.

They are made with a 12-mil, 14 x 14 mesh count, 1200-denier polyethylene material that weighs in at seven ounces per square yard. This three-ply material is flexible and durable while also being resistant to punctures and tears. Already incredibly strong, the rope-lined edges and reinforced corners add even more strength and durability.

The result is a tarp that gives you rot-proof, mildew-proof, waterproof protection as well as 100% UV resistance. Aluminum grommets every 18 inches let you install them precisely where you need them.

At PTM Tarps, we have more than 40 years of experience selling tarps as well as canopy frames and fittings that let you build any structure that you can imagine. We've seen the incredibly innovative ways people have used tarps to protect themselves and their property, so we set out to make the highest-quality tarps for those purposes.

Take your pick: We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors for your needs.