Specialty Tarps

Specialty tarps from PTM Tarps are built to handle a wide variety of specific tasks.

What makes basic tarps so fantastic is that you can use them for a wide variety of needs, including canopies, wall dividers and more. We offer tarps in so many colors and sizes to reflect those needs.

But some jobs call for a specific set of qualities or sizes. That's where our specialty tarps come in.

Fencing: Whether you need to cover an existing wire fence for privacy or cordon off an area for safety, fencing tarp is well-suited for this task. We offer mesh fencing in several colors at heights of six feet and eight feet that roll out for 50 feet. Take your pick of colors, including attention-getting blue or orange and neutral brown or green.

Extra-large tarps: If you have an incredibly large area to cover, we offer tarps that stretch out as large as 100' x 100'. You can also take your pick of colors here, or choose a heavy-duty clear tarp that lets in sunlight while blocking harmful UV rays.

Flame-retardant tarps: Our flame-retardant tarps are a good choice for protecting flammable or valuable materials. Available in vinyl or polyethylene materials, you can take your pick based on the job at hand.

High-Quality Tarps for all Purposes

Our specialty tarps are just like our normal offerings, made to the same high standards of quality. PTM Tarps has become the largest tarp supplier in the U.S. because of our commitment to superior materials and craftsmanship.

You'll also love our customer service. Our in-house tarp experts have used tarps in a variety of ways and have seen people do even more clever, innovative things with them. If you have a challenging situation at your property, we can help you find the perfect tarp to solve that problem.