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Equip your tent-based business for success with display fixtures, tables and portable furniture from PTM Tarps.

We love seeing small businesses and home-based businesses succeed. From farmers markets to art festivals and from flea markets to swap meets, we see entrepreneurs of all kinds build successful enterprises where their headquarters are only a few feet away from their kitchens.

Our tarps and canopies have helped business owners protect themselves and their merchandise for over 40 years. They have used tarps to make warm, welcoming stores underneath pop-up tents. They have built businesses and found new customers within the shelter of our canopies.

If you run a small business that counts on mobile operation for success, we offer a line of display fixtures and business supplies to help you make the most of that on-the-road office.

Display Fixtures

Whether you are arranging a structure to display art or building a wall for structure, our gridwalls are perfect. Available in several sizes and colors, they are easy to mount in a variety of configurations. If you are offering clothing, our injection forms, hangers, racks and slatwalls give you a variety of options for displaying merchandise.

Business Supplies

PTM Tarps is your one-stop shop for everything a mobile vendor needs. We have everything from tables to plastic bags. You'll find work gloves, wrapping supplies, cleaning supplies and much more.

Decades of Experience

We've been in the business of helping small business owners just like you for more than 40 years. We cut our teeth in the swap meet scene of Southern California and saw firsthand how mobile vendors used tarps in clever, innovative ways for business. We saw that they needed high-quality tarps, canopies and supplies, and we developed our business to offer the most durable, long-lasting options available.

Let our friendly staff members help you out. Tell us all about your business and how you'd like to upgrade it. We'll point you toward display fixtures and other business supplies that will help you serve more customers than ever before.