18 Ounce Vinyl Tarps

18-Ounce Vinyl Tarps Offer Industrial-Grade Protectio

For the toughest jobs your clients take on, carry 18-ounce vinyl tarps from PTM Tarps.

Customers in commercial, construction or industrial settings can't often rely on regular, consumer-grade supplies. Because they take on tougher jobs and use specialized equipment, they need supplies and tools that are built for repeated use in difficult jobs.

That's where our 18-ounce vinyl tarps come in. These are the strongest tarps we offer, and they are built to offer industry-best protection for expensive materials, equipment and other projects.


Our tarps are ready to help a variety of business owners:

We offer a variety of colors and sizes based on a customer's needs. Some customers may want a lighter color to reflect sunlight, for instance, or need something bright to enhance visibility.

Since 1979, we've earned a reputation for excellent customer service and we'll help you give the same experience for your customers.