Heavy-Duty Poly Tarps

Heavy-Duty Poly Tarps Built to Handle Whatever Happens

Heavy-duty poly tarps from PTM Tarps can handle a wide variety of tasks.

What makes a tarp so valuable around a property is its versatility. A property owner could use a tarp to protect a worksite or cover up landscaping materials or equipment from rain. Vehicles such as cars or motorcycles can be covered in a snap. Homeowners can create shady spots for outdoor entertainment or a personal oasis. Business owners can use tarps to either protect merchandise or customers.

Since we opened in 1979, we have seen people use tarps in a variety of clever and innovative ways. That's why we make our heavy-duty tarps strong and durable enough to handle all those different jobs. They are waterproof, rot-proof and 100% UV-resistant, and these tarps will stand up to use after use.

Our heavy-duty waterproof tarps are outstanding choices for general uses. They feature a 12 mil, six-ounce polyethylene material engineered to be tough yet pliant in order to resist tears and punctures. Even more strength is added with reinforced corners and rope-lined edges. And grommets spaced every 18 inches ensure that it can be secured easily and precisely.

So Many Tarp Options

Your customers will appreciate the variety you can offer, letting them choose the best heavy-duty tarp for their needs:

PTM Tarps will help you serve your customer's needs and earn repeat business by offering them quality and reliability.