Canopies & Tents

Make your garden a paradise with wholesale canopy tarps, tents and more from PTM Tarps.

Gardeners love spending time outdoors. Whether they are getting their hands dirty in soil or just relaxing on the porch and enjoying the fruits of their labors, their favorite ceiling is the sky. Unfortunately, the elements can often make enjoying the outdoors difficult.

PTM Tarps is here to help. We offer high-quality tarps, canopies and tents that are perfect for use in your garden.

Pop-up tents: If you know you'll be working in a specific spot, our wholesale canopy tents and pop-up tents are perfect for creating a cool, comfortable workspace. Easy to erect and collapse, these tents are portable and can be moved to any spot in your garden.

Party tents: If a garden party is on your schedule, our party tents and canopies create an outstanding shelter for your guests. Choose from a tasteful white canopy or fun, eye-catching carnival tents.

Clear tarps: Our clear tarps let in plenty of sunlight while blocking dangerous UV rays. Use them to create a canopy for yourself or protect your delicate plants during dry spells. With our canopy frames and fittings, you can build a custom backyard greenhouse.

Poly tarps: Perfect for general gardening or landscaping use, our poly tarps are available in plenty of sizes and colors so that you can find something for your exact needs.

Outstanding Quality

Whatever you choose, you'll love the wide selection of tarps for sale at PTM Tarps. For over 40 years, we've been helping gardeners just like you find the best-quality tents, canopies and tarps.

Contact our helpful staff members today to learn more about how PTM Tarps can help your garden. We've picked up a lot of handy tips and tricks over the years and can't wait to pass them along to you.