Canopy Fittings & Pipe

The canopy pipe selection at PTM Tarps is a one-stop shop for every fitting or pipe you could need for your tarp or canopy tent.

Carnival Fittings

They're called carnival fittings, but these event-based pipes and fittings can be used anywhere from swap meets and fundraisers to customer appreciation days hosted at your business. These can be simple two-way connectors ranging from 3/4" to 2 3/8" or an eight-way connector to support the center of your high-peak roof canopy structure. Case quantities are based on how essential the canopy fitting is, and it varies from one piece per case for specialty fittings to 80 per case for mainstay connectors.

All corner, end, roof or side fittings in this selection are made of galvanized steel with metal eyebolts for securing the connector, and all three-way connectors or higher have welded connections to provide added durability.

Enhancement Fittings

There are must-have pipes that show up time and again in our wholesale fittings collection, and then there are the next level of connector fittings that help upgrade your canopy to more than a simple tent. That's where enhancement fittings come in. Cross fittings are four-way pipe connectors that are either flat or with two angled side pipes to fit a corner or end in high-peak canopies. Elbow fittings have an L-shape that can be ordered in either open or closed designs with various measurements, and T fittings come in open or closed designs as well.

More specific connectors and pipes include hybrid fittings primarily for fence post settings and reinforced low-peak fittings. Find other basic specialty pipes and fittings such as sign holders that you need on-hand for display needs.

Angled Roof Canopy Fittings

Whether you've got a peaked, flat or sloped roof for your canopy tent, there are fittings here at PTM Tarps that work perfectly. The connector angles run from 78° for slope fittings to 120° for high peak canopies. Find versatile options to choose from as well, such as medium peak fittings at a 110° angle, low peak fittings at a 102° angle or flat roof fittings at a 90° angle. Discover what you need for an innovative tarp solution here at PTM Tarps, where our team is happy to help you upgrade or repair your canopy with the right fittings and pipes.