Mesh Shade Poly Tarps

Mesh Shade Poly Tarps Offer Comfortable Protection

Trust mesh tarps from PTM Tarps to offer season after season of comfortable shade.

The sun is a mixed blessing for people who love to be outdoors. While they would love to soak up the sunlight, UV rays make that impossible without risking skin damage. Some people use tarps to create shady spots in their yards or on their patios, but those tarps can cause air underneath to get stuffy.

That's where our mesh shade tarps come in. These clever tarps are built to let air flow through while blocking a majority of the sun's harmful rays.

Our polypropylene mesh material is built to be strong and durable because it resists rot, mildew and acid. It blocks 73% of sunlight, creating a comfortable shade underneath. And it is breathable since air can pass through the weave of the fabric.

That means these tarps are outstanding choices for several purposes:

Sizes and Colors to Choose From

Some customers may live in neighborhoods with restrictive codes, and they will need a tarp that blends in. Others will want mesh tarps that pop out and command attention. Our selection of colors means you can serve them all.

We also offer a variety of sizes that help give customers exactly what they need. A square-shaped tarp makes an outstanding canopy, while a more rectangular-shaped tarp is good for fencing.

PTM Tarps makes it easy to offer high-quality sun shade tarps with grommets for your customers. They'll love all the seasons of use they get from the products you carry.