Our Products

Our Specialties

We started our business with polyethylene tarps, canopies, and pipe.  Today, we've expanded our product line to include accessories for tarps and canopies, store fixtures, tables/chairs, and home goods.  We are continuing to expand our product line so that we can fulfill your needs to host an outdoor event.  For example, if you're participating in an outside market event, you can purchase one of our 10' X 10' pop-up tents, display racks or gridwalls, tables, and chairs. 

Our products are broken down into the following categories: 

  • Tarps: We offer light to heavy-duty tarps in many colors, sizes, and treatments (e.g., fire-retardant and mesh).
  • Tarp Accessories: We offer different accessories to keep your tarp in place (e.g., ball bungees, tarp tie-downs, and plastic tarp clamps).
  • Canopies and Tents: We offer several styles and sizes for our canopies and tents (e.g., high-peak canopies, party tent, and pop-up tents).
  • Canopy Accessories: We offer different accessories to secure your canopy (e.g., tent stakes, foot pads, and ratchet tie-downs).
  • Fittings: We offer a variety of fittings sizes and styles (e.g., fitting sizes from 3/4" up to 1 7/8").
  • Pipe: We offer pipe by stick or bundle to create your canopy or any other structure (e.g., fencing, corral, and batting cage).
  • Display Fixtures: We offer fixtures to help you display your products in a canopy or tent setting (e.g., display racks, gridwalls, and forms).  
  • Other Products: We offer other merchandise to help you prepare for outdoor events (e.g., tables, chairs, and tools). 

Our Most Popular Products

We carry a variety of products in our warehouse and store.  Please see below for a few examples of our most popular products.  Please ask us if you have any questions about our products.