Fire Retardant Poly Tarps

Protect important property from fire damage with flame-retardant tarps from PTM Tarps.

Most tarps are built to protect your items from water, whether it's excessive rain or some sort of spill.

But if you're working with fire or any material that can create a spark, such as welding equipment, it's important to ensure that those sparks can't spread in a way that causes damage. Additionally, if you live in areas prone to wildfires, a flame-retardant tarp can help provide critical protection to your valuable possessions.

Many of our flame-retardant tarps are treated to be compliant with California standards, and they will help prevent fire from starting or slow the process considerably. They make outstanding options for people working with:

Decades of Service

For more than four decades, PTM Tarps has been offering discount tarps for sale to both wholesale and retail customers. We've become the largest supplier in the U.S. because of our commitment to superior materials and excellent customer service. You'll be able to use fire-resistant tarps from PTM Tarps season after season.

Contact our tarp experts today to learn more about our flame-retardant tarps and the best uses for them. We've helped thousands of customers just like you protect their property. Tell us all about what you'd like to protect, and we'll point you to an option that gives you exactly what you need.