13 Ounce Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl Tarps Built to Handle Tough Jobs

Vinyl tarps from PTM Tarps are built to handle the hardest jobs.

While most customers can make good use out of a standard heavy-duty poly tarp, the polyethylene material is not the best option for the hardest of jobs. When industrial-grade protection is required, our 13-ounce vinyl tarps are an outstanding choice.

Made with 18-mil laminated vinyl fabric, these heavy-duty vinyl tarps are waterproof, UV-resistant and flame retardant, as well as resistant to grease, oil, acid and mildew. Already impressively durable, heat-sealed seams and rope reinforced edges add even more strength.

We offer a variety of colors and sizes to handle a variety of uses for your customers. Bold, attention-getting colors will increase safety, while muted neutral colors will help business owners who deal with restrictive décor codes.

Variety of Uses

Because of their strength, our 13-ounce vinyl tarps are good choices for people with intensive uses often found in construction or industrial settings:

Your customers will appreciate the versatility and durability of these tarps. They will stand up to use after use, job after job. We've been helping people get quality tarps since 1979 and have built a reputation for excellent customer service. We'll help you deliver that experience to your customers.